Published by Street Press Australia, April 25, 2012.

Time to look at new Australian releases – or, really, exciting first signs of records, free streams and stuff that warrants leaving the house to hunt down the physical copy, preferably at a gig merch stand.

The first comes from Melbourne’s Infinite Void, who launch their self-titled debut LP inside the Gasometer band room this coming weekend. That information isn’t incidental to interstaters: there’s something about the kind of sullen, downplayed post-punk Infinite Void make that feels connected to the Gas and a handful of other small, nurturing Melbourne band rooms at the moment. The line-up for the gig is certainly a who’s who of bands making new dark and washy sounds: the brilliantly metallic White Walls, young fall-apart-grunge band Eastlink and post-hardcore-ish outfit Apt 223, made up primarily of staff members from the Gas, in fact. A single from the Infinite Void LP, titled Pay For What It’s Worth, can be heard here. East Coast launches will follow the hometown show.

A few new Dro Carey tracks have cropped up thanks to a compilation released by Sydney’s Templar Sound label. The comp features a collaboration between the much-talked-up manipulator of electronic sounds and the far more dancefloor-friendly Canadian duo Grown Folk – the track, Southern Smoke, is a beguiling post-trance-like thing and can be heard here. The compilation can be ordered on CD from Templar Sound, with a limit of 100 copies on sale.

Far more accessible, perhaps, is Catcall’s debut album, The Warmest Place. Sydney’s Catherine Kelleher has made an album that picks from ‘70s guitar-pop and ‘80s girl groups but also adds plenty of new production and lyrical ideas. And then there’s Kelleher’s wonderfully broad post-punk vocal. The mix makes for a record both instantly likeable and complex. It’s out through Ivy League on 4 May. Before then, it’s worthwhile seeking out the cheerleader revenge clip for single The World Is Ours, as well as the FORCES remix of previously released single Satellites, which can be downloaded free from the Ivy League Facebook page or found in a remix EP package of the single on iTunes.

Melbourne wall-of-sound-and-screaming group Damn Terran are gathering steam, coercing an impressive list of acts to support them on their current East Coast tour to launch new 7” Rebels, including DZ Deathrays, Corpus and Bodies.  The single is massive and certainly justifies the band-love. Go listen to at damnterran.com.au – but there’s no substitute for seeing this band live.

The last we heard of Melbourne post-glitch producer Max Kohane – drummer for Agents Of Abhorrence, formerly known as Crumbs and now going by Max Crumbs – was his free-download Pieces & Portions Vol 2 album of 2010. As with his kosmische project with Eddy Current Suppression Ring’s Mikey Young, Brain Children, it seemed unlikely Kohane would ever kick his Crumbs project beyond the realm of the internet and few DJ appearances. It’s perhaps a sign, then, that Kohane is looking to do more with his solo work that he’s releasing his next album through the Sensory Projects label – and even that he’s added his first name to his moniker, no doubt in an effort to avoid complications with a US group also named Crumbs. The first release from his upcoming Maidenhair record is the smooth, chant-led track Baby Thighs, which can be heard at soundcloud.com/sensory1.

Lastly, still in Melbourne, garage punks Bad Aches are releasing a 7” for their incredibly fun Stooges-thanking track Hypochondriac. The band are a monsoon live, joining the (latest) wave of American West Coast garage groups making spectacles of their gigs but losing no points for not coming in first (though they formed in 2010 so have by no means been dog-paddlers). The song and gig dates can be found at badaches.tumblr.com – which also bears the band’s generous motto: “Being shit so you don’t feel shit.” Cheers, guys.

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