The United States of Courtney Barnett

Published by Mess + Noise, 02 December 2013. Read the full article.

The notice taped to the warehouse utility door appears to mock the broad security guard lumped on a stool to the door’s left-hand side.

“We are so sold out it’s not funny,” the notice reads, followed at the bottom of the A4 page by a frowny face drawn in pen. But the message is sincere, as knows anyone who has attempted throughout the day to have their name added to the guest list of the party happening inside. A young woman in a black leather miniskirt approaches the door and the guard juts his arm out to block her. “You have a ticket?” he asks. She doesn’t, and soon she has her phone to her ear on the street corner, opposite a construction site for yet another slab of apartments on the northwest Brooklyn bank of the East River, speaking in pleading tones to the mid-October night.

Behind the door, past a second guard and three event staff with lists of names at the ready, Eleanor Friedberger of the New York rock duo The Fiery Furnaces is strumming elegiac songs on a stage at the back of a wide, brick-walled room. It’s just gone 8:30 – early for a Brooklyn party – but a crowd of 300 or so has already filled the venue. The crowd is here to watch a showcase hosted by Pitchfork as part of New York City’s annual music-industry conference, the CMJ Music Marathon. Friedberger is the first of seven to the stage, however, and many in attendance are preoccupied by their own conversations and by the $3 cans of Budweiser served in Dr Martens-branded coolers by flustered girls at a makeshift bar.

Many – but not all…

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