Short fiction: ‘Silence’

Published by Mess + Noise, June 2014.S. Chadwick 'Dad lighter'

School ended and I decided to become the type of guy who said what was on his mind. I hadn’t been accepted to any of the fine-arts programs in Brisbane and was waiting to hear, fairly indifferently, which uni would take me for a general degree. It was as if I thought that by flipping off asides with an attitude gleaned from afternoon sitcoms, the brick split-levels and blinding windscreen reflections of Mansfield would rise up to meet a lowering sky and the world would transform into something I could see the edges of, something I could more easily master.

With only Dad and me in the house, that became a problem. ‘Curried sausages again?’ I said. ‘What, are we trying to win bums of the year?’ When he asked me to take the HiAce for a service in Mt. Gravatt, I said, ‘Sure, and while I’m there I’ll peruse the national museum and really learn something about life.’

Read the full story on Mess + Noise.


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